Our company has been working since 1993. Our offer is addressed to companies and people who want to produce and produce all kinds of concrete products.

Forma do prod. kostki brukowej - wzór formy - fala ozdobna Our main offer are plastic forms to production of paving stones. The advantage of manufacturing plants using plastic forms is variety of shapes, aesthetic design and low financial outlay. It's the alternative technology for the production of very expensive vibropress

Articles created using plastic forms have a high mechanical strength, wear resistance and absorption, are frost proof.

We offer:
Forms for production of paving stones (several models)
Forms for fencing, garden figures, hollow fence
Colorants and plasticizers
Impregnates for conservation and coloring of concrete products
Anti-adhesive products for forms lubrication
GEOKRATA - soil stabilization systems

More details on the range of products available can be found in our offer.

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Forma do prod. płyt chodnikowych - wzór formy - słoneczko Forma do prod. kostki brukowej - wzór formy - koniczyna gładka Forma do prod. kostki brukowej - wzór formy - liść klonu